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The Concept

CitySide brings you design and quality for less

CitySide is an Australian owned company that designs, develops, manufactures high quality furniture.  We source only the best suppliers and material to use in our furniture and bring them direct to the customer.

How we help you save

Firstly, we have cut out all the middlemen.  The furniture is coming straight from the factory to you.  Without following the usual procedures of factory, to distributor, to wholesaler, to retailer to you.  We cut out all those markups, meaning you can save big on quality products.

We store all the goods at their place of manufacture and only ship once they have been ordered.  This saves on double handling and double storage costs and helps prevent costly damages to the furniture.  With a little extra patience in the delivery time, you get to save extra on high quality products.

Quality Control

The supply chain from the factory to you is under our control and it is our people checking the quality the whole way.  Less steps means less risk of damages.  Since the furniture is our design and our specifications, we know that only the best quality hardware, materials and workmanship has gone into building your furniture

Partners and supporting the retail industry

We work with a network of partners that have our goods on display so that you can see the quality and finishes first hand.  But purchasing through these partners you are getting the same great price as you would online but with the personal service of shopping at a store.  Plus you are continuing to support local businesses in your area.

Still Unsure

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee.  We know that you will love the furniture that you purchase from CitySide, but you will also have the peace of mind that if anything is not right CitySide will fix it for you.